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About The Art House

The Gem Cultural and Educational Center is a not-for-profit arts organization that purchased the first Art House, an abandoned home at 2735 Brooklyn in Kansas City, Missouri. Since purchasing in 2017, with the support of several local organizations, rehabilitation of the interior and exterior is underway.  


Each Art House will have an artist-in-residence that will live and work in the home, as well as conduct arts activities for neighborhood children and adult residents. 

This innovative approach to neighborhood stabilization comes at a critical time. 


Recent figures have put the number of vacant, foreclosed and abandoned homes and vacant lots in Kansas City, Missouri at or near 12,000.


Many of our urban core neighborhoods have been completly decimated by the real estate and foreclosure crisis. Kansas City is seeking unique ways to address this issue. At the same time, artists have listed the creation of live/work space as one of their top 10 needs.


The Gem organization’s mission is to make the arts more accessible to neighborhoods. It can think of no better way to fulfill this mission than to have a physical presence within the neighborhood while, at the same time, fulfill a need for neighborhood revitalization.

Meet the Team

The Art House Founder
& Gem Cultural and Educational Center President
Pat Jordan

"The Art House Project is our answer to the Affordable Housing Crisis - a major challenge in every city across the country.  The Arts can play a role.  We'd love to have you a part of our efforts."

Brian Myers

"Our work in Kansas City neighborhoods is important. The arts can help contribute to neighborhood preservation and community interaction. I want kids to know that if they dream it, they can make it happen!"  

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